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Chartley Moss

This National Nature Reserve is closed to the public.

This site is extremely unsafe without an experienced guide and the habitat is very fragile. Access is restricted to a few specially arranged events during the year.

Chartley Moss NNR is the largest example of a floating peat bog, or schwingmoor, in Britain. The sphagnum lawn supports important botanical communities adapted to grow in this hostile environment which in turn support a rich invertebrate fauna.

Chartley Moss is well known as the most southerly site White faced Dragonfly are found in the UK. Check out the BBC Earth article including a short video presented by Chris Packham for more information.

A dragonflys guide to Britain- the story of White Faced Darter at Chartley Moss

For more information about this site, please contact Natural England’s Staffordshire office or contact site staff on tel: 01952 812111.

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