Friends of Mottey Meadows


Friends Of Mottey Meadows Constitution

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Friends Of Mottey Meadows Constitution

1. Name of Organisation

The organisation shall be called Friends of Mottey Meadows or other such names as may be agreed at a meeting of the members.

2. Aims

To support the staff employed by Natural England in promoting and developing the Mottey Meadows National Nature Reserve and surrounding area so as to achieve the site’s potential as a local amenity, tourist attraction and educational resource.

3. Means of achieving objectives

The members will, so far as is possible, provide practical support on the site and as an organisation will seek to raise funds to be used in connection with the aims set out above.


A Treasurer shall be appointed as provided by this constitution and accounts are to be kept and reported annually. A bank account shall be opened and all cheques signed on that account shall be signed by the treasurer.

 5. Membership

Membership is open to anyone wishing to support the aims of the Friends of Mottey Meadows. The committee reserve the right to terminate membership if deemed to be for good and sufficient reason. Any members whose membership is terminated shall have the right to appeal at the next meeting of the organisation.

6. Committee

The committee shall be responsible for organising the activities of the organisation and will comprise




All members of the Association are eligible to be elected to the committee.

7. Elections

Elections shall be carried out by the voting on a simple majority basis provided that there shall be a quorum of at least 5 members excluding the committee.

The appointment of the committee shall be for a period of 12 months and thereafter the committee members shall be eligible for re-election.

 8. Meetings

There shall be an annual meeting held each year on the anniversary of the first meeting or as soon before or after as can reasonably be arranged. It is anticipated that during the course of the year there will be three other meetings.

9. Adoption of the Constitution

This Constitution was adopted at a meeting held on the 23rd March 2010 and any amendment must be approved by the membership at the annual meeting.

 10. Dissolution

In the event of the dissolution of this organisation any funds remaining in the organisation’s Bank account shall be sent to any other organisation with similar aims to that of this organisation at the discretion of the committee save that if any such money is attributable to a grant then the organisation giving the grant shall have the money or such as if left returned to it.