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Natural England


Natural England is the government’s advisor on the natural environment. Natural England provide practical advice, grounded in science, on how best to safeguard England’s natural wealth for the benefit of everyone.

Natural England’s remit is to ensure sustainable stewardship of the land and sea so that people and nature can thrive. It is their responsibility to see that England’s rich natural environment can adapt and survive intact for future generations to enjoy.

Natural England works with farmers and land managers; business and industry; planners and developers; national and local government; interest groups and local communities to help them improve their local environment.

Natural England’s responsibilities include:

  • Managing England’s green farming schemes, paying nearly £400million/year to maintain two-third’s of agricultural land under agri-environment agreements
  • Increasing opportunities for everyone to enjoy the wonders of the natural world
  • Reducing the decline of biodiversity and licensing of protected species across England
  • Designating National Parks and Areas of Outstanding Natural Beauty
  • Managing most National Nature Reserves and notifying Sites of Special Scientific Interest
  • Providing advice to planners and developers to ensure the natural environment is conserved and enhanced through the planning system